Grow Business Beyond

We don't believe in one-size-fits-all - experience services as unique as your business

Strategic & Clients Growth Planning

Accelerate your Law Firm’s growth with on-demand and dedicated support to developing comprehensive client growth strategies and long-term strategic goals for profitable growth. Where we assist in understanding and visualizing the business structure, client segments, value delivery, and revenue generation. We provide business plans and strategy templates to guide the planning process, working together to define goals, objectives, targets, and directions.

Financial Planning & Growth Management

We are passionate about working with growing firms! Count on us to guide you and ensure financial accountability for your practice's success. With our virtual CFOs, we analyze cash flow, trends, maximize profits, and provide strategic financial advice remotely, supporting sustainable growth. Our services include developing budgets, tracking variances, and forecasting future financial needs and cash flows. We help you implement best practices tailored to your firm's needs, measure productivity, set billing and revenue goals, analyze key performance indicators, and regularly review adjustments and actions.

Operational Optimization and Tidy Up Processes

Develop, review, and improve work practices by optimizing your business workflow and processes. Based on our experience working with start-ups and law firms, we understand the challenges of a busy schedule and the accumulation of tasks. We understand the importance of establishing a robust operational infrastructure for a solid foundation and increased efficiency. By implementing the right systems and processes, we simplify the management of your law firm and ensure accurate expectations. Our services include reviewing, improving, and developing office manuals, processes, and SOPs. Trust us to handle these crucial tasks, allowing you to focus on delivering excellent legal services and maximizing your firm's value.


You didn't start your law firm to take care of your bookkeeping. Let us take the burden of the boring stuff off your shoulders. We exist to make life easier for you and your Law Firm. Accurate, tidy accounting ensures your business runs smoothly and your finances are safeguarded. We can manage anything from reconciling your bank accounts to handling vendor payments and preparing detailed reports, we take care of the administrative burdens, freeing up your time to prioritize what truly matters – your personal well-being, your professional growth, and serving your clients with dedication.

Internal Reporting and Dashboards

High-growth Law Firms are our specialty, so we understand how important it is to report in a meaningful way. Receive regular management reports, including easy-to-read dashboards, forecasts, and analysis. The information you need to know, all in one place. By diligently measuring and tracking trends, reports, and growth drivers specific to your practice, we identify areas for improvement and assist you in implementing necessary changes. Through regular reviews and open conversations, we guide you, hold you accountable, and make necessary adjustments for continued success.

Billing & Working Capital Management

Are you struggling with billing complexities and late payments in your law firm? Our specialized service for Billing and Working Capital Management is here to help. We understand your challenges and can streamline your billing processes, optimize working capital, and improve cash flow. Let us handle the financial intricacies, so you can focus on delivering outstanding legal services. Say goodbye to billing headaches and embrace a more efficient and financially stable future for your firm.

AD HOC Support and Projects

With so much to juggle, we understand that embracing variety and tackling new challenges can be daunting. Are you open to letting us lend a hand and alleviate some of the burdens? We believe variety is the spice of life. In fact, it’s just one of the reasons we love the work we do. Whether it's helping you smoothly transition to new practice management software, helping with your transition to a new office or setting up a new location, or implementing innovative legal solutions, we're excited to roll up our sleeves and get involved